Product Innovation, UX/UI

April 2015

P2P lending
& borrowing made easy

All of us have been through a cash crunch at times and have reached out to people we know seeking their monetary help but more often than not we put our- selves in an uncomfortable situation. Kaasu was built as an in-house experiment to understand the nuances behind lending / borrowing money within one’s own social circle!

Kaasu is P2P lending marketplace that connects to worthy borrowers within your social circle. Imagine a social bank within your network you can go to anytime – for making extra cash with your surplus or a quick loan. Kaasu leverages these interests and strike deals with fellow lenders and borrowers on the platform and helps in making hassle-free repayments.

Increased returns for lenders and quick loans for borrowers in a mobile-first, social driven marketplace is what Kaasu is all about. In practice, any small loans are bound by social contract and doesn’t involve any background verification or a credit score from banks.

Product designs

Earlier prototype

"Experience a unique way to lend and borrow
within your network"