Mobile Antakshari

Mobile Antakshari is the first ever multilingual speech recognition technology mobile game that is based on the classic Indian music game of Antakshari. Given the popularity that Antakshari enjoys even today across ages and geographies, Mobile Antakshari  is first of its kind service that pits your musical wits against your mobile! Mobile Antakshari throws in a new flavor tickling a consumer’s musical senses with various genres of musical challenges in regional languages.

Mobile Antakshari enables consumers to challenge their musical wit against the system across 4 genres - Karoke, Antara, Bollygyan and Random round.  The latest version offers a unique  Multi-Player podium for Antakshari Ustads! Currently Mobile Antakshari is available in 4 India languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam). Soon to be launched in Urdu, Bengali languages

Mobile Antakshari is a network based VAS application hence no installation or credentials is required. Just call 55455 /55855 on Idea cellular(India) and start playing from any handset.


StarTalk - a unique mobile voice platform service to reach out to your fans and followers with updates. This service will suit a range of services, from film promotions to political campaigns.

With StarTalk, you can record and broadcast messages from any mobile device to a large audience. After subscribing to your update, your followers will be able to listen to your updates at their convenience.

Vogging(Voice Blogging) is better than traditional sms updates, and helps overcome the problem of language barrier. It is suited for both rural and urban audience and can be customized to suit different segments.

Who can use this service?
Film and TV stars - to provide interesting updates which have a strong personal touch
Political leaders - to effectively communicate with the masses and
anyone who wants to reach out effectively over the mobile phone


TikTalk is an intelligent friendship chat platform. It helps people to connect and voice chat. TikTalk identifies the right partner for the users based on their preferences. TikTalk can be further customized and specific chat rooms can be created for brands and businesses.

TikTalk’s proxy management system generates proxy numbers to protect user’s privacy. The users can accept or reject invitations and chat without the risk of exposing their real identity.

Who can use this service?
Matrimonial sites - to offer voice chat service to their users with anonymity of personal contact details.
Online friendship network services - to take social networking to the next level without privacy issues.


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Call @ +91 44 42169699

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  • “We are happy to facilitate innovative companies like Hexolabs in bringing their big idea to life through our network. Hexolabs have done a remarkable job with our speech recognition technology platform. We feel Mobile Antakshari will bring in a new wave in Mobile VAS Music space. ” - Arvind Rao, CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman, OnMobile Global