NATSENS was primarily developed to understand user experience via essential data capture through a mobile app and displaying the captured data on a web interface with network type, carrier selection options.

NATSENS captures critical network and device information and provides technical insights resulting in better control over user experience for Telcos.

User Experience Today is primarily gathered via the following.
1. Network Reports
2. Customer Feedback
3. Third Party Sources

While this may seem to be the working solution for now, it offers limited flexibility or control over this critical data to the business.

It’s time to take more control, move away from dependence and lean towards self-reliance by using the single most powerful and effective way, much like how Internet companies do it.

'Rely on crowd sourced data'

NATSENS captures mobile network, device, coverage, quality, and data network information and provides insights on progress, cluster behavior, longitudinal analysis, cross-sectional analysis, and real-time experience / issues thereby resulting in better control over user experience, easier communication to customers, while providing an option for reporting issues and advance notice on impending issues.

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